Aircraft dismantling and sustainable recycling

Aircraft dismantling and sustainable recycling is the process of breaking down an aircraft at the end of its useful life and recovering the materials for reuse or recycling in a way that minimizes environmental impact.
The process typically begins with the removal of any valuable components that can be reused, such as engines, avionics, and seats etc. The remaining structure is then dismantled and the metal parts are sorted by type and composition.The goal of sustainable aircraft dismantling and recycling is to recover as much of the material value of the aircraft as possible and to minimize the environmental impact of the process.

Aircraft spare and component sale

The sale of aircraft recyclable metals, spare and components is a growing industry as the aviation sector works to reduce costs and go greener. The most common metals that are recycled from aircraft are aluminum, titanium, and copper. These metals can be reused to create new aircraft parts, or they can be sold as scrap metal